Are you still interrupting or are you engaging?
Attention is now super-scarce. What’s abundant is the appeal of stories.
Stop chasing customers and start captivating your audience.

Grow your loyal audience by telling your brand story now!


Branding is crucial for SMEs, so our customers can tell us apart. Stories will endear us to them.

Like you, we are SME. We share your values, struggles and spirit. We believe that your stories will unlock next-stage growth for your business.

We are STORIFY and here’s why we are on your side.


You may be tight on budget – or just plain adventurous! Either way, we can support you to DIY your brand story. We equip you with what you need to shape your brand messages, through a blend of facilitation, instruction and coaching.

Enhance your branding prowess at our latest workshop now!


We would be skeptical too, if someone from outside professed to know our business better than us. This is why our brand story consulting processes are highly-collaborative; we respect your experience and knowledge of your own business. Ultimately, the new perspectives and innovative strategies we bring to your brand storytelling are always considered in the context of your true needs.

Start with a complimentary discovery session to uncover the needs of your business.


Behind our focus on brand story consulting are decades of experience as speakers and trainers. This comes in handy when you need to have the buy-in of your organization on the importance of brand storytelling. With speeches and presentations, we inspire and inform, about stories and through stories.

Let us boost your branding efforts from the stage. We are good with virtual stages too.


With what I learnt, I can have a discussion with my team members and come up with more solid content and marketing strategy for our organization. They really guided us through and gave us the insight, which is very helpful to do proper branding for our organization. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs very clear marketing strategies and planning.
Kwee Eng | Head Teacher, BRMC Kindergarten

Ellery facilitated an impressive STORIFY YOUR BRAND workshop that I attended! He used short & simple exercises to enable you to extract your personal values and guide you to infuse them into your brand stories. Participants take away useful tools and actionable work from the half day workshop!
Tan Siok Kia | Consultant, Kaleido Discovery

I’ll highly recommend this course to everyone; not just the business leaders, but also to employees. For business leaders, it is definitely the course to go to.
Jeffrey Tan | CEO, Dish The Fish

I was absolutely captivated by the framework that they delivered to us to help us think of how to frame what our brand stands for and who it reaches out to… I was able to have some deep insights as to how to articulate our brand, our purpose, and to connect with the audience.
Christine Ho | Senior Associate, Client Partnerships at Unispace

I learnt an awful lot about myself and I really understood about how my own personal story can actually help shape my business story, and how I can connect to my customers and the customers I'm looking to draw to my business.
Shivanee B. | Founder & MD, Colloqa

Founder & MD, Colloqa

I recommend this for anybody who really wants to understand how to reach out to existing customers and new customers, and engage them in new, entertaining but more meaningful ways.
Shivanee B. | Founder & MD, Colloqa

I Iearnt the importance of crafting the right message to the right audience, so that we can get above the clutter to tell our stories to the right people. I would recommend other businesses who are looking to clarify their message and find their voice to join this workshop.
Jeshua Soh | Founder & CEO of Crossworks,, HEAR Myanmar & Startupmedia

I think this course is very good, to help you discover your brand’s identity... to help you to discover what your customers’ needs are like, to get them interested in your brand.
Darren Woo | Head of Marketing, Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory


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