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“Discover Your Brand Voice” Workshop – A Review

There was a list of post-event tasks for our first workshop, Discover Your Brand Voice. One of them was editing the videos of the testimonials that were graciously given by some of our participants. Under different circumstances, I would have delegated this task to one of our team members. However, as I was the workshop leader, I was extremely interested to go through every single video firsthand. I had already reviewed the workshop, largely in the form of appreciation and critiques from a number of participants, in person, and from the rest, through the surveys. Now, I wanted to hear what their ‘official’ – and unscripted – words of recommendation would sound like.

Christine described herself as gaining “deep insight”, and this is one of the most encouraging forms of feedback I could hope for. I had incorporated a bit of Gestalt processes (from my other body of work as an ontological practitioner) into the workshop, which I hoped would lend an element of deep, personal discovery to the learning. I wondered endlessly how the crowd would take it, as most ‘branding workshops’ would not be designed this way. Deep insight, I guess, is an indication of fruitful deep discovery. Win!

Ideally, the discovery processes should lead to awareness, which the individual can then act on. This time, I led the room to deep-dive into what drives their brand values (as described by Grace in the following video). Again, I feel encouraged, because this is a precious thing to have, especially within the short duration of a complimentary 4-hour workshop; count the inevitable delays at the start, the introduction and scaffolding, and the breaks, and you aren’t left with a lot of time at all. However, I held it as a prerogative to still provide real value within the time and space allotted. New awareness is real value, as long as it is actionable for the individual after they leave the workshop.

Lastly (and obviously), how I performed as workshop leader matters to me. Intentions are crucial, but ultimately, it is how I am received that makes a difference. A huge part of this depends on what I did, and how I did it. Mostly, I get such feedback when participants expresses they understood or learnt what I shared. Sometimes, I get it when there are fellow practitioners in the room, who can articulate my performance through a technical lens. For this, I am grateful to have had Yvonne in the room that day. I’m inspired by her kind words to do even better!

I’m both humbled and thrilled by these testimonials. They are the part of the whole feedback, which also includes stuff that I want to change, and stuff that others would like me to change. As usual, I do not (yet) have a clue how some of these changes can be possible. But within the challenge lies the growth!

Join Our Next Workshop!

My team and I will continue to improve and to aim to give away as much value as we can. Join us at our second workshop in the Digital Storytelling series, Identify Your Audience, on 25 Feb 2020. Click on the banner below for a quick and easy sign-up, before spots are all filled!

EDIT: This event has been pushed back to 29 Apr, as part of compliance with DORSCON ORANGE in Singapore. A new signup link for the rescheduled workshop will be shared by the IMDA, and we will share it here, as soon as it’s available.

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