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Where Does Your Customer Need You Most?

We recently consulted for a client company that’s been positively transforming a service that nomadic professionals depend on. This client aspires to lead their industry towards higher standards. And having worked with them, I think they have potential to improve the larger community as well.

As with all our clients, we used the Hero’s Journey as a model to understand and plan their brand story strategy. Through this frame, we facilitated the client’s marketing lead and his team members to craft and clarify their brand identity, their target customers, as well as the customers’ user journeys. We were productive with the time we spent together, and our team got to learn a thing or two about their industry.

“A customer’s journey can move towards or away from your offering.”

As not all stakeholders were able to attend, we had to balance between pushing the envelope and respecting what has been established and committed to. Though this put some bridles on possibilities, we managed several points of innovation and brought new ideas to the marketing team.

One of the insights we unearthed was how our client could invest more in the opening stage of their target customers’ user journeys – which means to say, waaay before their service is needed. This is because their customers will not require their service frequently. Left to their own devices, they will likely be debating brands very near the point of purchase. Being able to get customers acquainted with them earlier on would enable our client to enjoy the lion’s share of consideration when the time comes.

“Being able to identify the pivotal turns of the journey where you can give them the assist they need can nudge them closer in your direction.”

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Along the same veins, their core service will likely not make it into daily conversation when it is not yet needed. Hence, we also formulated ideas for building on the client’s brand story – to go beyond being an industry leader, and to becoming a caring, resource base for the transient community. We showed them how they can build relevance for their brand in domains peripheral to their core offering. This is not uncommon – just think of the tire company that has been publishing guidebooks to the finest culinary establishments around the world.

A customer’s journey can move towards or away from buying your offering. Being able to identify the pivotal turns of the journey where you can give them the assist they need can nudge them closer in your direction. This is a crucial piece of strategy we can craft for you if you wish to be efficient with your marketing resources.

Will the customer's journey lead to you?

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