We are Storify, the brand story consultancy dedicated to helping SMEs stand out for what they do best.

We have worked with story for more than 40 years, through various digital mediums in country-wide marketing campaigns. We make use of storytelling – a universal and timeless human experience – to make your brand engaging and meaningful for your customers.


We believe branding is not reserved for only ‘rich’ or ‘big’ organizations, and storytelling is not something ‘fake’ or ‘good-to-have’.

Stories endear our brands to customers. Branding enables them to tell us apart. There are so many of us, and each SME deserves to be recognized for what we do well.

Like you, we are SME. We understand your hopes and your fears, when you think about investing in branding.

Storytelling is an established discipline and has become de rigeur in branding and marketing a company to success. In this attention-deficient era, it’s not sustainable to simply interrupt our would-be customers. We must emotionally engage them.


Our principal consultants are Weisiong, Ellery and Joshua, who are also our founders. They have worked together as entrepreneurs for 20 years in the creative and marketing spaces. They each bring complementary expertise and passions that they use to craft and execute brand story-based marketing strategies that truly help our clients to increase their revenue.

We are supported by our production team of artists, writers and software engineers.


Through consultation and workshops, we support you in creating marketing strategies that engage your customers emotionally through your brand story.

With our production team, we help you bring your strategies to life through different mediums and modalities, such as web, print, mobile, physical events, VR/AR.

We serve the true needs of the SME by:

• digging past the presenting symptoms to unearth root causes.
• working directly with leaders of the business in authentic co-creation.

Meeting the true needs of the business is important for using resources wisely.


Our work starts with getting to know your true needs. We do this through a discovery session which is available to you by appointment. Based on the findings, we will design a consulting session, where we work with you to craft your brand story marketing strategy.

You can book an appointment with us directly on WhatsApp. Timings are subject to availability.

You can also join our upcoming workshops to learn how you can start refreshing your brand through storytelling.

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